5 Fundamental Components Of A Chamfering Machine

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Its no new news that many industries are on the fast lane towards automation of their processes, and this has in the same pace replaced manual power and mechanical way of doing things.

Interestingly, chamfering of materials using chamfering machine is one of such areas of automation that has made end product look way better than they used to be in the era of manual and mechanical approach.  

For instance, in the automobile industry, the manufacture of various motor parts require a high level of chamfering in order to convert square corners to rounded corners that will make them perfect to the intended use.

For this reason, the chamfering machine happens to be a very important piece of equipment in such industries as the automobile industry.

However, as important as these machines seems to be, one important thing you should always keep close to heart is ensuring that you source for your chamfering machine from a reliable and highly professional manufacturer.

With that being said, let’s take closer look at the five basic components that gives a chamfering machine its unique functionality.


1. The Bed or Base

This is fundamental element where all other parts of a typical chamfering machine rest upon. In most cases, the base or bed of a chamfering machine usually have the following dimension;

Width (together with the machine) = 1.5meter

Area       = 2.25×104 cm2

Length of the bed     = 1.5meter


2. Chamfering Tool

This is the main tool where the chamfering of materials is being carried out. In most cases, the chamfering tool is usually designed in such a way that the center of the work piece stays within the area of rotation of the feed track.

In this case, the cutter or chamfering tool is the one that will move around the work piece.


3. Motor

There are usually two types of motor in a typical chamfering machine thus;

a. Induction motor

The induction motor is usually a 0.5HP machine where the cutter tool is mounted directly over the motor as it rotates over the motor. Induction motor can offer a rotation speed of about 1380rpm depending on the lathe machine used. Also in an induction motor, the work piece is usually stationary while the motor moves along the work piece using a guide rails or lead screw.

b. Stepper motor

Due to the high amount of weight acting on the lead screw, which usually also result to a higher torque required to rotate the lead screw, a stepper motor is usually used for this purpose. This is because the stepper motor has the capacity to withstand such high torque transmission capacity even with a low speed of rotation.

  chamfering machine

4. Lead Screw

The operation of a the lead screw in a chamfering machine is the same as found in a typical lathe machine. Just as it is the case in the lathe machine, the lead screw of a chamfering machine moves whenever the anti-backlash nut is engaged and starts moving.

However, in a chamfering machine, the lead screw is designed to carry both the left and right hand screw on it. Reasons for this being that the cutters can move both inward and outward using one motor since they are located in opposite direction to themselves.


5. Pneumatic Cylinder

The pneumatic cylinder in a chamfering machine is used majorly for the purpose of supporting the work piece so that there won’t be any displacement of the work piece from the center of the chamfering tool.

Also attached to the pneumatic cylinder is a gripper, which ensures that the work piece is at the right place in the process of machine.


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