CNC Bender Machine: Five Factors To Consider While Using Them

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There are different types of CNC bender machines in the market. As a company, the major aim of buying a machine is to boost production. It is essential to invest in a machine that is ideal for your company.

Investing in the wrong machine may bring low productivity and challenges over time. To get it right, there are key factors you must consider. When you put them into consideration, you are sure of the best value from your investment.

Ignoring any of them may be disastrous due to their effect on this machine. Meanwhile, ensure to purchase quality CNC bender machines from a reputable manufacturer. This is where the whole journey begins.


1. Consider Workpiece

The workpiece is an essential factor you must consider when choosing a CNC bender machine. What are the width, length, thickness, and material of the processed plate? These are things you must know before choosing it.

For example, a machine that bends stainless steel may not be suitable for 16-gauge mild steel. Note, the components of your workpiece and the length of the table determine the right machine to choose.


2. Consider Die and Punch

The accuracy of your work depends on the press brake tooling – die and punch. Select the upper and the lower die according to the drawing and processing needs.

Moreover, the punch is another tool you must give close attention to. The kind of material of the plate will show the ideal punch and die material to use. Also, the bending angle and the plate thickness will show the kind of lower die to choose.

 CNC bending machine

3. Consider Precision

The precision of the machine depends on the punch and die you choose. Precision comes in two forms – forming precision and repetitive precision. A high-quality die will produce an accurate workpiece.

Generally, manual machines have poor repetitive precision. So, it is essential to consider the precision of the machine before choosing one. Any mistake from this can result in poor finishing.


4. Consider the Deformation of the Material

It is essential to note that sheet metals, especially long sheets, deform when bending them. Before you choose a CNC bender machine, it is essential to keep this in mind to avoid wrong selection.

Some machines require the installation of other devices on the machine to prevent sheets from deformation. These devices support accuracy by effectively preventing the sheets from deformation when bending them.


5. Consider Your Budget

The budget factor is an important factor to consider too. There are quite a number of these machines in the market. It is essential to purchase a quality machine at a reasonable price. It is better to invest in a quality machine within a reasonable budget than to invest in an inferior quality at a low price.


Purchase Quality CNC Bender Machine From Us

Investing in a quality machine is the best decision you can ever make for your company. The factors above are essential when choosing this machine. As a reputable manufacturer, we provide the best support that enables our clients to choose machines that meet their needs. Kindly contact us today for a quality machine. You will be glad you did.


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