Double head chamfering machine safety operation regulations

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It is very important for a company to achieve safe production. For safe operation of machinery, please read the following precautions carefully, and operate the double-head chamfering machine correctly and safely based on your full understanding.


Working principle

Main transmission mechanism The main transmission mechanism is composed of a driving axle and an idle axle. The driving axle and the idle axle are respectively inlaid with a set of styrene-butadiene rubber wheels. The distance between the two rubber wheels is based on the grinding end. The double head is placed in between. The driving wheel When rotating, the two heads will revolve with the friction between the rubber wheels.


Hot-rolled steel will always be bent to different degrees. In order to prevent the work piece from jamming between the two wheels and reducing the friction torque due to jumping away from the rubber wheel, the input end of the driving wheel shaft is fixed during the design, and the two shafts are leaning against each other. The two rubber wheels on the grinding end are also fixed, and all the rubber wheels on the other two shafts can float up and down and move left and right to complete the entire working process of the double-head chamfering machine.


Use operation steps

1. After the automatic chamfering machine and double-head chamfering machine are turned on, the height of the tank and the size of the flanging should be measured immediately to observe whether the reduced diameter length is uniform.

 Double head chamfering machine

2. After reducing the diameter and flanging at any time, check whether the can body has bursts, false welding, high and low cans, flanging coating film peeling, weld leakage, scorching and blistering. If there is any, stop immediately and respond to the welder personnel. , And make adjustments accordingly.


3. In the production of the automatic chamfering machine, the oil spray lubrication should be checked regularly, and the oil volume should be observed to avoid serious paraffin oil pollution in the tank.


4. Pay attention to the coordination of the front and back procedures at any time, and observe the operation of the equipment. If there is any abnormality, shut down immediately. Technicians make relevant processing.


5. When the double-head chamfering machine shuts down, each mold should be cleaned to prevent the product quality from degrading due to dust.


6. When jamming the tank, it is strictly forbidden to remove the damaged tank from the equipment by hand and use relevant tools. Avoid causing personal injury.


7. After the equipment is repaired and adjusted, the tool parts are properly placed and ready for production, and the product quality is continuously checked. Keep maintenance records and shutdown records.

   Double head chamfering machine 

8. During equipment maintenance, it is strictly forbidden for non-related personnel to press buttons at will. Do not leave the job without authorization when the equipment is in operation to ensure production safety.



1. Are there any parts or other things on the spindle of the machine tool;

2. Before starting the machine tool, check whether the position of the handle is normal, whether there is any collision or abnormality in the moving parts of the manual operation, and the lubrication parts should be lubricated.

3. Operators should wear tight-fitting work clothes, protective glasses, and other labor protection supplies. Female workers must wear work caps. High heels, sandals, and gloves are forbidden to operate; it is strictly forbidden to use by non-operators.

4. When a large amount of scraps splash during processing, baffles or grids should be used for safety protection.


Enterprises must do a good job in safety knowledge training and strengthen the management of safe production. "Safety is for production, and production must be safe." Safe production is a guarantee for the stability of the enterprise and the safety of employees. Elimination of hidden dangers can ensure the long-term stability of safe production.


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