How To Use Pipe Bender Machine Effectively

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When talking about the pipe bending process, it may sound very simple. But in actuality, it requires certain procedures to follow. If it is not followed properly, the pipe may bend wrongly without giving you what you needed.


To achieve what you need, you need to know the following steps. It is essential to understand them so that you can use the pipe bender machine effectively for your project.


Meanwhile, it is important to purchase a quality pipe bender machine from a reliable and experienced manufacturer. This is the first thing you should get right because it is very difficult to use the wrong tool to achieve a good job.


Step-by-Step Procedure On How To Use Pipe Bender Machine

The following steps will help you use the machine effectively.

1. Installation of Die

Start by checking the size of the pipe you intend to bend. Then, select the die that is based on the size of the pipe. Install the die properly into the die slot after removing the pivot pin. Secure the die in its place using the pivot pin.

 Pipe Bender Machine

2. Block Follower

The role of the follower block in the pipe bending process is to ensure high precision and an error-free process. Install the follower block properly, and keep enough space for the pipe. Position the follower block close to the die. Secure the follower block by putting the block pin into it and the primary arm of the pipe bender.


3. Position the Pipe

Mark the point you want to bend and fit it into the machine. Remember, the size of the pipe must be the same as the follower block and the die. Adjust carefully the follower block to fit the pipe perfectly. Confirm the die position to ensure correct placement.


4. Install U-strap

The U-strap holds the pipe firmly and properly during the bending process. The U-strap has a pin and a lug for installation. Install the U-strap by first removing the pin, place it, and then reinsert the pin to hold it.


5. Putting the Drive Pin

The drive pin locks the pivot arms of the die that bends the pipe. Put the drive pin into the space between the arms and the die. This facilitates the effective movement of the machine arms.


6. Align Pipe and Adjust degree Pointer

Adjust the pipe to align with the mark you made on it. Adjust the degree pointer to get the exact angle you want to bend the pipe. Fasten the bolt once it aligns.

 Pipe Bender Machine

7. Bending of Pipe

Pull the machine handles to bend the pipe. The die will rotate while the arms of the pivot will open. This will cause the pipe to begin bending to the angle of curvature the degree pointer fix. Continue until you get to the last mark of the drive holder.


9. Removal of Pipe

Remove the pipe starting from U-strap pin removal, drive pin removal, and loosening of the tensioner bolt. Then, close the pivot arms and slowly remove the pipe from the machine.


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