Precautionary Measures To Observe When Working With Pipe Bending Machine

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There are many types of bending methods, and as there are many techniques, it is also difficult to make available a certain list of precaution measures.


But you can get preliminary safety measures from your manual guide and this can also be possible if you buy a pipe bending machine from a reputable manufacturer.


This article tries to provide a common list of precaution measures to follow while using a pipe bending machine.


Precaution Measures While Pipe Bending machine

Below are some general safety measures you need to follow while working with pipe bender.


1. First, check the pipe bending machine properly before you start using it. Look out for any form of damage or defects. Always ensure you carry out this check at all times before using the pipe bender.

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2. Ensure that the shafts roller are rightly mounted, before using the pipe bender. Also, make sure that the die for bending is rightly fixed and seated well. This is to avoid any form of accident.


3. Regular and routine cleaning of the machine should be carried out to maintain the performance of the machine.


4. Remove your hands from the roller and die when working with a pipe bender.


5. Contact an experienced and professional technician anytime you to carry out maintenance and lubrication of your machine.


6. Maintain and keep the right oil for maintenance.


7. Avoid using brake fluid instead of the certified fluid for lubrication.


8. If the machine is faulty or the blade is blunt, please don't use it until it is fixed.


9. Please don’t exceed the capacity rate of the hydraulic unit.


10.  Make use of the machine for the purpose it was designed for not for any other tenacity.


11.  Don't be in a haste to change the pressure control valve setting for any reason without consulting an expert.

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12. Keep the hydraulic pipe in a moderate and dry condition when it is not actively in use. This averts moisture and creation of moss growth on the pipe.


13. Study the machine manual before working with the machine.


14. Ensure all shafts are properly mounted and the pipe roller is in a good position in their right hole. This will help improve the performance of the machine.


15. Ensure that the valve and pump handles are properly positioned for optimal right degree of pipe bend


16. Always change the hydraulic oil of your pipe bender yearly.


17.  Make sure both ends of your high-pressure horse are clean for high performance.


18. Always leave the labels and nameplate intact because these contain important information about the machine


It is worthy to note that the hydraulic pipe is of different various sizes and shapes. However, it is needed to take the actual machine into account while following the above-mentioned precaution measures.


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