The development direction of CNC cutting machine

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After decades of development, the CNC cutting machine has made considerable progress in cutting energy and CNC control system. The CNC cutting machine control system has evolved from simple functions, complex programming and input methods, and low automation to The control method is complete, intelligent, graphical and networked.


1. Compound development. With the development of CNC machinery technology, mechanical compound technology and compound processing technology are gradually mature, and each machine tool can meet multiple tasks to complete various production requirements.


Such composite production will be a new round of advanced production methods. Technical research in the CNC cutting industry should pay more attention to the development of CNC composites, and research and build a CNC cutting machine that can complete multiple tasks and complete various production requirements.

CNC cutting machine

2. Realize the comprehensive intelligence of CNC cutting. The manual control of CNC cutting in the past can no longer meet the development needs of CNC machinery management. In the future, the control needs to be controlled by the computer to the CNC cutting machine, so that our CNC cutting will move towards intelligence. In the entire system, intelligence has also become another breakthrough in the development of CNC.


3. Modern high precision. Step up technical research and improve precision. For precision machining technology, the machining accuracy has been upgraded from the original silk level to the CNC cutting micron and sub-micron level, and it has moved closer to the nano-level precision.


Because the precision is more in line with the high requirements of modern high-tech products, it is in line with the development requirements of the new era. Therefore, to adapt to the new development requirements of the times, the pace of precision research must be accelerated.


4. Development towards flexibility. Introduce flexible automation technology to ensure high requirements and quasi-precision for devices with high-precision and complex specifications in the cutting process.


Such flexible technology can meet the high requirements of the market for products and change the current situation where market demand exceeds supply. It is an advanced and time-sensitive cutting technology, which has become the mainstream trend of the development of CNC cutting machines.

CNC cutting machine 

5. Combine with computers to realize networking. The power of the network has been unstoppable in the 21st century, and the networkization of CNC cutting is also a historical necessity.


It is necessary to step up research and development of the combination of CNC cutting machine and network production, and comprehensively develop new cutting machine projects in combination with network advantages. Such development will certainly promote the network to drive a new generation of changes in CNC cutting technology.


6. Strengthen business cooperation. Cooperation and exchanges in the CNC cutting industry are more conducive to technological progress, and at the same time help to promote the substantial development of CNC cutting technology. Only by increasing the development of enterprise alliances can the communication be unimpeded, so as to better promote the advancement of CNC cutting machine technology.


Finally, CNC cutting machine technology will continue to develop, and the development direction will be more clear. If you have any questions or need, you can contact us.


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