What are the types of pipe cutting machines and their respective uses?

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Pipe cutting machine refers to the equipment used to cut pipes. It is also one of the most commonly used equipment in the production of pipe prefabrication. It is mainly used to cut long pipes for subsequent beveling and welding.


The main pipe cutting machines are: portable handheld pipe cutting machine, pneumatic pipe cutting machine, magnetic pipe cutting machine, flame pipe cutting machine, plasma pipe cutting machine, band saw pipe cutting machine.


1. Portable handheld pipe cutting machine

Mainly refers to a small pipe cutting machine that can be held in your hand, which is mainly used to cut some pipes with relatively small pipe diameters or a type of cutting used in drag sites where space is limited and large and medium-sized equipment are not convenient. Tube machine.


2. Pneumatic pipe cutting machine

The working medium of the pneumatic pipe cutting machine system is driven by compressed air to drive the cutting blade or cutter to cut the pipe.

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3. Magnetic pipe cutting machine

The magnetic pipe cutting machine mainly uses electromagnetic force to adsorb on the pipe without other fixing devices. Generally, the pipe cutting machine is mostly a small pipe cutting machine.


4. Flame pipe cutting machine

The flame pipe cutting machine uses oxygen and various fuels to burn out the flame to cut the pipe. The main features of the flame cutting machine are: the price is relatively cheap, the size of the pipe cutting equipment is relatively small, and the cutting gap is relatively flat. However, the cutting time of the flame pipe cutting machine is relatively long, the slit is relatively wide, and the metal loss at the cut is also very serious.


5. Plasma pipe cutting machine

The plasma pipe cutting machine is a cutting method that uses an extremely thin and high-temperature plasma arc to quickly melt the local metal, and then blow the molten metal away with an airflow. Plasma arc cutting has been widely used in various engineering construction, manufacturing and other industries due to its high cutting efficiency, low loss, and wide application range.


6. Band saw pipe cutting machine

Band saw pipe cutting machine has the advantages of compact structure, high precision, narrow saw gap, low noise, convenient operation, etc. It is a new energy-saving product that replaces circular saws and bow saws.

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7. Intersecting wire cutting machine

Using plasma technology, various specific shapes can be cut on pipes, square tubes, and steel plates, and bevels can also be made.


Zhangjiagang Runtai Machinery Co., Ltd. produces and manufactures various pipe cutting machines. Our pipe cutting machine has the following advantages and innovations:


1. Vigorously improve and ease installation safety and fire safety.

2. Precise cutting, both sides of the pipe are flat after cutting, which is convenient for connection.

3. The cutting method is simple and quick, saving a lot of working time.

4. Provide light industrial method, you can design cutting plan according to the workplace.

5. High safety, no need to manually move the pipeline when working.

6. When cutting, it will not produce sparks and dust to the outside world

7. Complete functions, which can cut off various built-in pipelines of the power system.

8. Cutting pipes, such as: steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, plastic, multi-layer pipes, etc. can be cut.

9. There are no specific requirements for pipe diameter and working platform.

10. Good quality, low price and high cost performance.


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