Why You Should Choose Runtai Pipe Bending Machines?

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When it comes to pipe bending machines, one should know that it is important to buy one of good quality and from a reliable source such as Runtai machinery. This would not only save you the stress of wasting money on repairs and faults, but it also gives the purchaser the assurance that he or she has purchased a machine that can stand the test of time.

Pipe bending machines come in many types and are majorly known to work electromechanically.

A pipe bending machine places a strain on the desired pipe of choice, and in turn causes the metal to bend. It is important to use a machine of high quality, the pipes might end up not coming out with the desired shape intended.

pipe bending machine

There are different types of pipe bending machines which I would be discussing just an important few below, to help you know and understand what you are dealing with.

● Orbital head pipe bending machines

This machine is known for its high flexibility and is of great advantage when it comes to working on complex bending. 

They are also used in the production of hoses, couplings and coils with ease of integration in terms of compatibility with automated machines; be it loading or unloading.


● Vector bend pipe bending machines

They come in a variety of models and it is originally designed for pipe production. This pipe production process is, of course, automated. The machine has a wide range and variability in terms of axis, sizes, speeds and as well as a notable control in terms of acceleration and deceleration as well.

Vector bend pipe bending machines can be employed in the making of exhaust pipes and aircrafts.


● Vector bend electric pipe bending machines

This happens to be the most advanced type of all the bending machines discussed, with its notable high-performance level, a rugged reliability and notable quality as well, it outshines its other competition. Due to its electrical operation, energy is saved in the long-term in comparison to the hydraulic benders.

They can be employed fir the use of reverse rotation of the direction of bending heads. It is quite popular due to the flexibility which it offers its operators during applications of complex bending.

 pipe bending machine

● Pipe roll bending machines

This is your best bet when working in areas with a large radius, such as in the production of circular components, take for example awnings.


● Hydroforming machines

Just like the word hydro means water, this machine makes use of fluid pressure to get the job done. The pressure is used to mold materials either ferrous or not, into the shape of the die.The machine consists of the following components:

1. A pressure booster

2. The hydraulic pump

3. The hydroforming tank

4. The hydroforming water device.

A notable advantage of this machine is it’s reduced weight, reduced parts and increased design options.

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Buying a machine can be a complicated task. There are other mention-able factors such as pricing, guarantee etc.

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