RT-65 CNC metal steel copper square mandrel tube bending machine

RT-65 CNC metal steel copper square mandrel tube bending machine

CNC bender Machine

Product Specifications

ModelRT-65 CNC
Max Draw Bending CapacityMild steel round tube
Stainless Steel(R=1.5D)31.75mm x 1.5mm
Draw Bending Radius Layer Difference80mm
Max. One Time Feeding Length2500mm
Max Bending Radius200mm
Max Bending Angle190 degree
Bending Unit32 pieces
Bending Speed150 Deg/sec

Max. Pressure

12 Mpa
Machine Dimensions4250mm x 980mm x 1450mm
Appro. Weight3200 Kg


  • Unibody construction and welding of high strength steel plate, solid structure, provides maximum operating space.

  • Equipped with single-chip microcomputer numerical control system, English display screen, easy operation, flexible Settings.

  • Has manual control, half cycle control, automatic control, automatic overload protection.

  • Hydraulic cylinder control bending, clamping and auxiliary driving and the mandrel.

  • Bent arm adopts imported mute rack and pinion drive, high strength strong stability.

  • Throttle valve installed on the bent arm master cylinder, to control the flow rate to adjust the speed of bending.

  • Bending Angle is controlled by the encoder, the accuracy of + / - 0.15 °.

  • Mandrel bending can be set according to the need and the mandrel bending.

  • Automatic machine fault detection and fault operation.

  • It can store multiple sets of processing model, and can easily switch between the different specifications of the process.

  • It can automatic counting, and power outages have automatic protection function, and it can save the data.

  • Water-cooling system, rapid cooling, to ensure the stable for a long time at high temperature.

  • Electrical components USES the French schneider electric, performance is strong, good stability, long service life.

  • Portable foot switch with start and emergency stop functions, provide more protection.

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