Chamfering Machine

Used for stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, alloy pipe, PVC pipe, plastic pipe, round bar chamfering, bolt chamfering, and other metal materials and non-metal materials processing chamfering.

Chamfering Machine

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The chamfering machine is a small precision machine tool that specializes in mold manufacturing, hardware machinery, machine tool manufacturing, hydraulic parts, valve manufacturing, textile machinery chamfering, milling, planing and other processing methods. 

The use of fast machine chamfering is the development trend of the machinery industry. It overcomes the processing shortcomings of existing machinery and electric tools, and has the advantages of convenience, speed and accuracy. 

CNC chamfering machine is the best choice for chamfering of metal objects at present. 

Technical Information of automatic bar chamfering machine






main motor power




Custom products

We can customize your satisfactory products according to customer's requirements.





Apply to outer diameter




Processing length

Standard 100-600mm (Could be longer)

length of tolerance








Processing speed




Suitable material

Steel tubes, nylon tubes, iron tubes, stainless steel tubes, aluminum tubes, copper tubes, round rods

Machine dimensions




According to the chamfering needs, it is divided into straight chamfering and curved chamfering.

The beveling machine solves the problem of irregular angles, rough slopes, and loud working noises in flame cutting, grinder grinding and other operating processes. 

Advantage of metal chamfering machine

  • Easy operation

  • Standard angle

  • Smooth surface

  • Light weight

  • High bevel probability

  • High durability

  • Convenient operation.

Application of pipe chamfering machine

 Automatic chamfering machine is widely used, in industry. It is suitable for: steel structure, boilers, pressure vessels, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, electric power, molds, chemicals, petroleum engineering, metallurgy, heads, iron towers, aerospace and other welding manufacturing fields.

Professional tube chamfering machine manufacturer

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Mechanical Design

The design of the machine is based on dynamic mechanical analysis to provide reliable performance.

The compact curved head and arms minimize possible interference.

The climbing clamp design allows enough space for effective bending.

Fast tooling change shortens installation time and makes users feel comfortable.

The high-quality linear guide is installed on the sliding mechanism to ensure precise movement.

A separate electric cabinet is installed separately from the machine to prevent influence

3D Simulation

When editing the YBC program, the 3D pipe profile can be displayed immediately to help users.

Under Auto mod, the 3D tube graphic shows the current bending section with different color blocks.

The 3D tube preview and tool data are displayed during file opening.

3D bending process simulation (optional) guides the bending process in advance to avoid unnecessary waste.

Optimized & Flexible Bending Setting

Operation mode: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, single bending.

By setting the absolute value/relative value, precise movement of each axis can be achieved.

User-friendly interface, 17-inch touch screen/icon display.

The position and bending angle of each axis are displayed on the screen in digital form.

Each axis has 9 main speeds and 10 fine-tuning speeds to meet various applications.

The pre-clamping action of the fixture/compression mold can be set individually, saving cycle time.

At the same time, the Y.B.C axis movement significantly improves productivity.

Batch processing function, 4 files can be arranged in order.

Reorganize the motion program to effectively avoid contact points, and perform feeding, no bending, and rotation in the in/out/stack changing state.

The reverse function allows users to get the reverse shape immediately.

During the bending cycle, a single movement can be set according to requirements, such as mandrel (open/close), two-step MDR retraction, lifting function, etc.

Teaching/processing function, any movement can be customized to successfully return to the initial position of the bending arm.

Upon request, you can specify to load the tube in the in and out state.

Repeated feeding/re-feeding function.

The sliding function of the press mold can be repeated, and the execution can be customized to overcome large-angle bending.

The overall length is recommended. When the Y.B.C data is set, the system will automatically calculate the required length.

There are Total, present and countdown functions in the workload counter.

The automatic display cycle time of x.y.z coordinates can be converted to Y.B.C axis.

The mirroring function enables usrs to get a symmetrical shape immediately.

Comprehensive Safety Protection

The error watchdog function for program editing and abnormal operation effectively helps users avoid human errors.

The machine is protected by multiple agencies and procedures.

Front and rear limit switches, compartment vibration proximity switches, fully clamped indicator lights.

The foot switch and console are equipped with first aid buttons to deal with emergency situations.

A safety plate is installed on the bending arm, and the operation will stop immediately after triggering.

The buzzer can set alarm/non-alarm mode for abnormal conditions.

Overload protection can prevent users from illegally modifying files caused by faults.

PC Besed Control System

The PC-based control system under the Windows operating system has significant functions and flexibility, and can replace the traditional PLC control system.

Use intel 2.6G or higher CPU or high-end industrial computer of the same level to ensure high performance and noise-free.

The 17-inch touch screen has a high-resolution display, which is convenient for users to touch.

The latest high-speed DDR2 memory is 2GB or above.

The Ethernet port provides instant connection with the manufacturer to facilitate fault location and service (the user needs to provide internet access).

The high-capacity hard disk (500GB) can store 2 million programs without the problem of insufficient capacity.

The portable console provides a USB interface to facilitate user access to files.

The built-in 4GB USB automatically backs up the user's program, whenever the machine restarts, to ensure that the user's program is not lost.

There is no limit on the number of bending in YBC, and multiple bending tasks can be easily achieved.

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